Choosing The Best Sweet 16 Hairstyles For Black Hair

Sweet 16 hairstyle is one of the nicest options for a party. It can be a prom or a birthday party. It does not mean that you will look like a 16-year-old girl. No. You will look incredibly appealing. This hairdo brings natural cuteness and beauty. It makes your image unique and complete. Sweet 16 hairstyle looks good on different hair but it looks even better on black hair. These are just some options for sweet 16 hairstyles for black hair you might like.

  • Layered hair. You can have a sweet 16 hairdo even if you have a layered cut. How? It is simple. Add some freshness by adding light coloured hair. It can be slightly lighter than your colour but do not make it too contrasting.
  • Loose waves. Girls with long hair will love this hairdo. Waves always look pretty and create glamorous look. Moreover, it is not hard to make waves, just use spray to fix them. This style will suit literally to any dress.
  • Coloured hairdo. Bright colours, such as pink or purple, are very popular among teenage girls. Some of them even dye their hair in such bright colours. You can use this idea for an extraordinary party outfit.
  • Curly hair in a ponytail. Make nice curls applying curling iron. Fix them with spray and make a ponytail of a middle height. It will be a cute hairdo proper for any occasion.
  • Large curls. Large curls are also a good idea for sweet 16 hairstyle for black hair. Your hairdo looks natural but at the same time has an attractive look. It is an excellent choice for many occasions, and will go well with many dresses.
  • Hairdo with side swept. This hairdo will suit girls with oval shape faces. Girls with long hair, can make it curly or a little wavy. It is also possible to add highlights but no need to dye it. You can use a hairspray that can be washed off afterwards.
  • Side plait. This hairdo will suit girls with straight hair. If you have wavy hair, you should make it straight. First, you have to make a French side plait. It is also called braid. Then fix it and leave the rest of your hair as it is. Simple but exquisite at the same time. There are many variations of ¬†braided hairdos and all of them are perfect for sweet 16 style.
  • Sided ponytail. Sided ponytail will be a good option for formal events. You can also make an inverted ponytail, which will look even better. The rest of your hair can be left straight or you can make it wavy.

No matter what sweet 16 hairdo you select, all of them will look incredible. Create a fresh and unique image with an amazing hairstyle and attractive dress.  

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