How to do makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair

Brown-eyed brunettes can have a bright appearance, but it almost always lacks color – dark hair and the same dark eyes need to be complemented by accents of saturated shades. In this case, you need to be well aware of the color scheme that is “compatible” with brown eyes and dark hair, and also – take into account some general rules of makeup.

Makeup rules for brown eyes


Dark-haired girls with brown eyes should know about one unambiguous “no” – they can not use bronzer instead of blush or to pile on the gray, earthy powders for contouring.

Because of such a detail of makeup, the complexion can take on a painful look. For this reason, it is better to give preference to red or crimson blushes. They will make the skin tone much more fresh and invigorating. But it is important to use a bright blush, so that it does not look like a beet stain on the skin.


The eye makeup should be used as an opportunity to decorate the image with color accents. But do not do without knowing what shades suit brown-eyed brunettes.

makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair

Brown eyes and dark hair: what shades should I choose?


Radiant shadows from the gold range are especially expressive with dark brown eyes, adding to their depth and mysterious shine. Pay attention to the gold with addition of brown or marsh-green – these color nuances will make the makeup more versatile.


Those who need a catchy makeup without a chance to remain unnoticed, you should choose the colors from the sea wave range. Blue with a light shimmer is especially expressive to highlight dark brown eyes. Use this color in a smoky eye or when creating wide arrows.


A dark plum shade is an option for those who want to make a variety in makeup for every day, but are afraid of bright colors. A plum haze “enveloping” the eyes along the contour can replace a tired black liner or brown pencil.


An unusual color solution is the shades from the red palette. A matte scarlet or sparkling copper – whatever you choose, brown eyes will suit both. But you should realize that red requires caution: if you do not blend it properly, or, for example, apply it to the eyelids on a day when you have red eyes because of lack of sleep, then the makeup will give an unhealthy look.

  • Please note that the universal shades – the same black and dark brown – are perfect for girls with dark hair and brown eyes.
  • Black is especially relevant for those who like eye makeup in the oriental style with intense contouring of the eyes with liquid liner or kajal. For brown-eyed brunettes, it usually looks great – plus it can be complemented by a bright color on the lips.
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There is also a certain set of shades that deserve more attention from girls with dark hair and brown eyes. They are dark red with a deep cherry undertone, neon pink, nude with a pink “base”, bright purple, and also – coral. Of course, you should not limit yourself to these lipstick colors, but it will not be superfluous to remember that these shades are the best choice for this appearance.

Daytime makeup for brown eyes

As we have already found out, the brown eye color gives an advantage to its owner – her look and without cosmetics is very bright and attractive. Therefore, a brown-eyed girl needs to make less effort to create a natural daytime image.

What should be an everyday makeup for brown eyes and dark hair?

  • Outline the eyebrows: using tweezers, get rid of unnecessary hairs, comb them, and then trace a suitable form with a light brown or dark brown pencil.
  • For daytime makeup choose pastel shades of eye shadows – light brown, beige, golden or pink. For dark brown eyes also suit greenish colors. Do not forget to shade the shadow line, so that it does not “catch” in the eyes.
  • To complete the eye makeup, use dark brown mascara instead of black.

Evening makeup for brown eyes

Evening version of the makeup involves more bright and juicy shades than in the daytime. Consider its classic version.

  • Apply a base for eye shadow, to make sure that the shadow lasts as long as possible.
  • Darken the outer corner of the eye with a navy blue eye shadow. In the inner corner, add a pastel shade of shadow, pearlescent versions will work great too.
  • Then cover the entire crease of the upper eyelid with lilac or purple eye shadow. Brush the transitions between the shadows so that they are smooth.
  • Under the lower lashes, brush in a light blue eyeshadow or pencil and blend. On the upper eyelid, draw a thin black arrow.
  • Complete the evening look by thickly brushing the lashes with black or dark brown mascara.
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