The Most Beautiful Senegalese Twists With Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Females face many choices each day. They should choose what type of clothing to choose. They also have to take care about makeup and accessories. Each detail of a look values.

A lady has to think about harmonious image. It is not easy to create one. If you would like to look stylish, a hairdo has to perfectly match clothing style. Think of senegalese twists with shaved sides hairstyles. You can wear it with different clothing.

Looks to Get

There are many hairdos that look unique. If you would like to choose a hairstyle right for you, think about comfort. A lady has to feel herself comfortable. Strands have to look accurately. It is very important if you decide to wear a hairstyle for work.

For special celebrations ladies can choose more impressive hairstyles. You can decide for updo hair. It is important that the lady experiments with styling. Here are some beautiful senegalese twists with shaved sides hairstyles:

  • Plaits with strips. Decoration can help to shape the way a particular image looks. Depending on what type of stripes you choose, your will get a very different style. If you like lively patterns, make sure to choose colorful decoration. If you want to wear a hairdo for working days, you can wear decoration in calm tone. Light brown or grey will perfectly match a business suit. Shaved sides can be left without a decoration.
  • Plaits twisted in a bun. There is no more beautiful type of a hairdo than a bun. It looks very feminine. If you take several braids and twist them into a bun you will get a unique look. Depending on a placement of a bun, a hair design will look different. If you place it on top of the head, it will create an evening style. If you make it at the bottom of the head, you will get an everyday look. Fade cut will look impressive combined with a bun.
  • Ponytail pattern. It is another fine version of the hairstyle. You can take several plaits and form a ponytail from it. Such a style will go well to wear with casual clothing. If you decorate ponytail with some accessories you can wear such a hairdo with an evening dress.
  • Colorful pattern. Color is the way to diversify your styles. You can try to put bright colors on stands. If you choose pink, blue or yellow, a hairdo will look splendid. It is possible to color only several strands. It will help to create a lively style. If you are mature female, you can decide for calm tones. You can choose gold, hazelnut or cognac colors. It will look beautiful. It is a fine idea to color both sides of head in different tones. It will help to create an impressive style.
  • Zig-zag pattern. Shaved sides have to catch attention of people. If you would like to achieve it, make a zig zag shaving on both sides of head. It will make your hairstyle very modern. You can wear it with a costume or other clothing.

These are the most interesting designs that you can copy. If you have your own ideas, you can share them with a professional. He can realize the idea into life. The more creative you are, the better it is.

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