The Most Luxurious Purple Eyeshadow Designs For Brown Eyes

Makeup pattern can play a key role in the way a lady looks. If you want to form an expressive style, you have to work well on your makeup. You should carefully think about colors you want to put on an eyelid.

It is important to determine colors you want to use. Right tones will help to create a splendid look. If you have dark eyes, you can try purple tone. Discover interesting purple eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Options to Copy

Drawing on eyes should amaze. It is important to choose that designs that will create an everyday or evening look. The more intense a tone is, the better it will be for evening style. If you use light tones of violet, it will be fine for everyday activities. Here are beautiful purple eyeshadow makeups for brown eyes:

  • Dot pattern. There are many exclusive patterns that you can try. Among many, the dot technique is worth mentioning. You should put a dot in violet on an eyelid. You will discover that this simple makeup looks very attractive. If you want to get a perfect look, wear clothing in violet. It is splendid when makeup and clothing match.
  • Light purple basis. It is another variant of design. If you put light violet on eyes you will see how tender it looks. On such basis, it is possible to paint any detail. You can use eyeliner to put dark wings. On bright basis, they will look very impressive. If you think of pattern for summer, add bright colors. You can draw lines with blue or brown eyeliner on violet. Brown wings will match brown color of eyes.
  • Multitone style. It is an interesting option for young girls. It is possible to combine violet with yellow or pink. You can put purple on one part of an eyelid and add another color. You can easily wear such a makeup with everyday clothing. Jeans, sweaters or T-shirt will go finely with such a design.
  • Decorated designs. It is possible to create a fine decor for eyes. It is must do well if you visit a special evening event. You can put eye glitter. It will look sophisticated. Don’t put too much of sparkling products, though.

These are interesting designs. There is always a possibility to experiment. You can combine colors in the most creative way. It is important that tones match each other. It will help to create a unique design.

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