The Most Interesting Red Nails With Black Tips

Ladies often have to change looks. It is important to experiment with everyday clothing, makeup and nails designs. The more experimentation, the better.

Nails art is one of the key thing that makes lady looking good. If you would like to get a sophisticated style, think how to decorate nails with fantasy. It can be done in many ways. You have to choose the right tone for design. Read more about fine red nails with black tips designs.

Patterns to Try

The more creative nail design is, the better. One of the good ideas is to underline the beauty of tips. If you like to wear expressive manicure, you can paint them in many colors. It is good that tones are harmoniously combines on your fingers.

If you like expressive designs, combination of black and red can be one option. It will help to get the most outstanding look. There are many nail patterns you can create with these tones. Here are interesting red nails with black tips designs:

  • Shades of red pattern. Red is very unique color. There are many tons of it. If you like you can put different types of red on a nail. It is good to start from brighter up to darker tone. Tips will be then colored in black. Such tone diversity will look perfectly on fingers. You’ll get a harmonious look. It will be perfect for business ladies. It will suit all types of business outfits.
  • Drawing in red. Another possibility is to depict an object in red. It can be an ultimate option for ladies. To develop great design it so good to use wild roses pattern. A wild rose in intense red will look perfectly with black tips. If you wish to make such a pattern more delicate, you can choose to depict several roses. Tiny objects look beautifully on nails. You can wear this design with everyday clothing.
  • Drawing with glitter. If you decide to visit any type of celebration, there is no better way to decorate hands than to use glitter. Manicure with sparkling parts looks feminine. You will love to wear such patterns. You can also combine regular nail polish with glitter. You can use glitter to draw contours. Try black glitter to make the tips look stunning.

These are interesting designs you can choose from. If you like to make your pattern more colorful, add colors. You can draw green stem of a flower. It will make a design more sophisticated.

The more you experiment with design, the more creative looks you will develop. If you find it hard to draw on nails, visit a professional. He’ll depict anything you wish.

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